Photograph by Michael Chapman

About me…

I'm an occasionally Apple-obsessed, computer-gaming, weight-lifting, beard-wearing nerd originally from the North of England. I have opinions on a number of subjects, from technology to activism, and sometimes write them down on the internet where they can be read by others.

I'm also an occasional, amateur photographer; sometimes found waving my iPhone at a pretty landscape or point of interest. I have been known to take selfies in front of historical landmarks while making silly faces.

In my free time…

I obviously like to write, and I am in a constant state of feeling that I should do more of it. This blog is and has been my primary outlet for a while but I have some ideas on how to expand on my opportunities. Writing is something you have to practice to improve, just like any other skill, and luckily I enjoy it.

In my spare time I sometimes play video games (a favourite activity since childhood), predominantly on Playstation 4. I have a fondness for RPGs and multiplayer co-operative titles that I can play with friends (and occasionally strangers). I was a Nintendo kid in my youth, and grew up on a diet of Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda. Of late Elder Scrolls Online and Overwatch on Playstation 4 are my go-to games. In Elder Scrolls Online I play an Orc Nightblade, because Elder Scrolls Orcs are just adorable. In Overwatch my go-to characters include Mei, Soldier 76, Symmetra, and Mercy.

I've also taken up weight training, which I do two or three times a week. This has been good for my health, good for my concentration and staving off fatigue, and good for my self image. I don't like to talk about it much because I always found the people making endless weightlifting and fitness posts on social media to be super obnoxious and I'm uncomfortable with that kind of attention. It's something I really enjoy however and I've been making some progress; it's gratifying to see the physical changes.


I've worked in software development for about fifteen years now — my entire working life. I've had a number of roles within the field including software testing and engineering. I also have varying levels of experience with business analysis, technical authoring, project management, and customer support.

I'd like to apply my writing abilities in a professional capacity more in the future, and am hopeful that I'll be able to find or create an opportunity for this to happen.