The Bellroy Micro Sleeve

So right before Christmas I accidentally laundered my wallet. That's not to say I intentionally obfuscated my involvement in some illegal financial arrangement — I literally put my wallet through the washing machine. I loved that wallet.

Lucky for me, the Bellroy Card Sleeve has new competition, and I immediately ordered the Micro Sleeve (which sadly did not arrive in time for my trip to Scotland). So why did I so quickly switch from a wallet that literally took me years to settle on? Well, honestly it's just one step more awesome. Its capacity is more or less the same, although it's got a slightly bigger footprint, but the genius is in it's hinged design. You give it a squeeze to access the centre section instead of using a pull-tab, and the mechanism lends itself to the very pretty two-tone design.

If you're really into minimal wallets then I think this is the best available. The Card Sleeve remains the ultimate in minimal wallet design, but the Micro Sleeve adds just the slightest bit of innovative detail and style that I think really sets it apart. If you need something a little more substantial you should still check out Bellroy's other offerings. I honestly believe they're the best wallets you can buy.

I could not be happier.

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