Small, positive change.

I've written recently about making some small changes to help me do more of the things I want to do with my life; and I thought it'd be good to write out a short follow-up.

As of the beginning of this year there is a treadmill in the study. I've been making regular use of it (not daily, but significantly more days than not) and I've been able to push up my activity goals as a result. Weekends are still awkward simply because of available time and other activities that I want to do competing for it. Even though I have a desk job, I find my workday can be pretty active and this is hard to replicate when playing computer games with friends for several hours in the afternoon.

Still, on weekdays there's rarely a day where I don't get a good 60 minutes of 'exercise' level activity, and I'm able to get the minimum recommended 30 minutes each day at weekends. This is pretty good, I think, and as I've mentioned in other blog posts I do feel better.

The other significant change I've made is to start getting up a little earlier; just 30 minutes. This might seem like a small thing but it's had a pretty big impact. For one I'm now eating breakfast most days, which isn't something that I've been in the habit of doing since my mid teens. I can confirm that eating in the morning makes quite a difference to how I feel during the day; I'm a lot more focused at work, which is having a demonstrable effect on the quality of my workday, and the quality of my output.

The other effect this has had is that I'm getting more quality sleep — not necessarily more hours per night, but I'm having a much easier time getting up and I'm much less sluggish most mornings.

So the next step has to be a little more discipline in using my time wisely.

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