One Less Thing…

We tend to have a lot of things. We fuss over the storage facilities when we're looking for somewhere to live. Will all my things fit in here? Things are essential to human life. Things enable us to do stuff other than just pick and eat fruit and poop behind bushes. Every single aspect of human life is a product of invention, and inventions are things. There's a great number of things that we can not do without.

We have way more things than this, though.

We have cupboards and shelves and drawers and wardrobes and garages and basements and storage units and closets and chests and pockets and bags and computers and cabinets full of things. Most of these things, an easy majority, are not those things we cannot do without. We have things we like, things we want, things we are attached to, things we are afraid of, things we are afraid to lose. Most of our things languish unused and we only keep them because they're ours; because in some small way they feel like a part of us. These things all has a purpose when they came into our possession.

You don't need these things. Things don't define you. Things that might be useful one day, things that were useful once, things that you've forgotten about, things that are buried, things that bring back memories you'd rather forget, things that only represent the past, things you keep just in case they might be remotely convenient, things that you won't miss. So the challange is to start tomorrow with one less thing. It's easy: just own one less thing. You don't have to throw it away; your thing might be of real benefit to someone else. So recycle it, donate it to charity, whatever feels right.

Tomorrow you can also have one less thing.


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