I have a new MacBook, the 12" model in space grey. I've been considering this as my next machine, but with no cause to buy a new mac until recently I didn't expect to own one for a while. When another (older) MacBook in the house irreparably failed recently it became cost effective for me to hand over my MacBook Pro and to purchase a machine that was less expensive.

I have previously owned a second generation MacBook Air, and I fit into the niche that this computer is aimed at. I have very little need for cables and ports (I rarely connected anything at all to my MacBook Pro), my storage and power requirements are limited, and portability is a benefit. Where previously I have needed the Pro's discrete graphics processor that has not been the case for a while, and while the 15" screen was gorgeous it was not really a necessity for writing and web-browsing. The only additional thing I require is a USB-C to Lightning cable, so that I can make encrypted backups of my iOS devices once in a while, and this is no big deal.

I'm really pleased with this little laptop. The screen is gorgeous (and I've upped the effective resolution to give me maximised screen space), I love the keyboard (though I know this is contentious for a lot of people) and I love the lack of fan noise too.


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