iPhone 6s Plus

I have resisted buying a large-screen smartphone. I have some chronic tendinosis issues in my better hand and smaller screens have always been easier to operate single-handed. The increase in screen size from the 4s to the 5 was not entirely trivial for me. I got used to it easily enough but I had to make some adjustments and learn to hold the phone differently and relearn some muscle memory so that general use didn't result in some pain. I was therefore apprehensive about the notion of another, more significant increase in screen size. I debated the change internally for some time; I realise I'm a year behind a lot of you on this one.

It seems obvious then that I should opt for the 4.7" 6s over the 5.5" 6s Plus, right? Well… no.

I had a year after the original iPhone 6 launch to consider how I used my phone, and although it was still really a last minute decision (mostly due to unnecessary apprehension) I'd observed some realities of my phone use that didn't necessarily agree with my assumptions about the way I used my phone. The primary one being that I don't actually do a great deal of typing if I'm using my phone with one hand. I either use two, or put the phone down and tap at the virtual keyboard. Even on the smaller 5s screen I've been using for two years I instinctively avoid one-handed use for the one activity most likely to cause me grief. So it kind of came down, in the end, to a matter of feature set. Improved battery, landscape mode and optical image stabilisation gave the 6s Plus an edge. Why opt for the smaller phone if upon analysis it doesn't provide the intended benefit anyway? I haven't regretted my decision.

I went Space Grey over Silver this time around unashamedly to colour coordinate with my Apple Watch. I'm not even sorry.

I'm particularly impressed with the camera. It's a big improvement over the 5s camera (which I was impressed with when it was new, too). I've been able to take some amazing photos in awkward lighting conditions, and in general use it's miles ahead of my previous model. The other really impressive feature is 3D Touch; as with many other people, I'm sure, I was skeptical about this feature but it's not only cool but so useful that apps without support can be frustrating to use. I've gotten so used to being able to quickly preview (or 'pop') content such as images that it's disappointing when it doesn't work. I have no doubt that more apps will add this functionality in short order.

Battery life is also exceptional. I can listen to podcasts all day at work, use personal hotspot at lunchtime to connect my iPad to the internet and still have plenty of power to last all evening. I'm pretty demanding of my battery, and it has excelled so far.

I also picked up an Apple Silicone Case. Leather tends not to wear too well when it's being pulled from and pushed into my pocket on a regular basis and I haven't found a single third party case I like the look of. It's my general preference to go caseless, but the increased size of this thing has me a little more nervous about it slipping out of my pocket when I'm sat — it may prove to be a warrantless fear. I pretty much went with the colour that caught my eye when I was in the Apple Store, and came out with the Midnight Blue version.

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