EDC: Pockets

Following on from my post about my work bag I thought the contents of my pockets would be a logical progression. My pockets contain two types of items: ones that I simply want to have with me all the time, that I may want to access immediately, and items that I am too anxious about leaving unattended.

  1. iPhone 6s Plus which is usually in an Apple silicone case (orange, of course),
  2. Bellroy Micro Sleeve wallet, one debit card, one credit card, and my English Heritage membership card. Rarely also a bank note,
  3. Big Red Beard Comb no. 9 in cherry,
  4. Grovemade Black Oxide Key Ring,
  5. Apple Watch — OK it doesn't live in my pocket but I do carry it with me everywhere so it's close enough for inclusion.

You all know I'm an iPhone guy, the 6s Plus battery lasts all day and the screen is incredible. I've also posted repeatedly about my Apple Watch. I've loved Bellroy wallets for years now, and the Micro Sleeve is one of their newer models — I'd send anyone looking for a wallet to them first, just take a look at their range and the ingenuity of their designs. I like my wallet to be extremely minimal. The Big Red Beard Comb is one of the first if not the first of the trend for laser-cut wooden beard accessories but I own it because its pocket sized and beautiful. The keyring is new; I think a lot of Grovemade's products are perhaps a little pretentious, but the keyring (which I want to be hefty and flat) is a work of art (that opens your beer!) — as is their monitor stand (that I don't own yet).

Apple's Silicone Cases

Apple Pencil