Doing More

Since I got this Apple Watch I've been a little more aware of my activity level, which I've discussed a couple of times before. This last year my commute has also involved a lot more walking. On top of this I've also been making a point of walking at least a mile during my lunch break (and I've done so almost every working day). It's not all that much, compared with many people, but it's been a big step up in activity for me compared with the year before.

The Health app on my iPhone has also been interesting. I don't have a sleep tracking sensor, but I've been keeping approximate records of my sleep patterns every day for more than a year. I have a small list of sleep disorders (all manageable), and when you look at the graph of my activity alongside the graph of my sleep pattern there's a correlation. Now this is far from scientific proof, but it seems like being more active improves the amount and quality of sleep that I get. That's actually a pretty big deal for me.

I could just continue like I have been, but I think I could do a lot better. I now have access to a treadmill, and my intention is to put in some extra walking time using it (if the weather or my schedule isn't conducive to walking somewhere pretty). I'll have the Apple Watch to set and record some goals. Spending more time being active isn't the whole story though, I also need to make some adjustments to my routine in order to fit in some of the other things I want to do but I'm bad at: more writing for example. So I need to think about my routines and the behaviour that gets in the way of achieving some of these things and start to address it.

This isn't some New Year deal, its part of an ongoing process that started a long time ago, and I don't believe that its possible to just change the way you live day to day on a whim. It's about habit building and finding ways to enjoy the things you want to do as much as you enjoy the things you do to procrastinate.

Coming out again (…and again).

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