Casual Dress

So the company I work for has always had a smart dress policy. It's always been an awkward policy: shirt and tie for men (which I've partially ignored for years) and to paraphrase, "just kinda smart" for women. Nobody liked it, lots of people really didn't follow it, and it was applied unevenly according to where you reported in the management structure.

As of late December 2015 this policy is no more; with a few caveats, we can finally wear whatever we're comfortable with.

This is a problem! The kind of problem that it's a luxury to have of course, but one that's fairly important. My wardrobe is pseudo-mathematical — I have, for example, six dress shirts: one for each work day of the week and a spare to cover any unexpected need. Not everything is this precise, but the principle has always been to try and reduce what I have to more-or-less what I need. What I need has very abruptly changed.

I don't actually have enough general use clothing to keep up what I would consider to be a healthy cycle. If I wear jeans on a weekday it's for the few hours of the evening that I'm at home… or was. Now I tend to wear jeans all day — I need more jeans. So the problem is really one of shifting quantity. The proportion of smart clothing I own needs to diminish and general casual fare needs to increase. Simple?


I've really wanted to incorporate a little more style than just jeans and an awesome t-shirt into my wardrobe, so that's what I'm going to try to do. I get non-trivial social anxiety, and so intentionally making myself stand out a little is really not in my comfort zone. It's easier for me to stick to nondescript, if beardy, nerd. Not this time! So I'm rethinking what I need and what I want out of my day to day apparel. Wish me luck.

The Bellroy Micro Sleeve

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