Being Social

I recently took a hiatus from all social media. This really meant a hiatus from Twitter, which had been my last remaining account for quite some time at that point. I had gotten frustrated with the things I was reading, and some of the encounters I was having, and stepping away was the best choice for me. I was away for a couple of months.

In the last few days I have returned to social media; not only to twitter but also to a few other services. This is partly spurred by an ongoing change in personal circumstances, and these services are going to be more beneficial than they were for keeping in touch with some people. I'm also feeling the benefit of my time away — a better perspective and a fresh start with few of my prior expectations and confidence in being able to step away again if I felt the need to.

Also, following significant deliberation I picked a new username for use everywhere; part of wanting a fresh start. You'll find 'affableviking' around the internet if you look, just beware that I'm being very selective about whom I follow or 'friend'. That doesn't mean you can't follow me on Twitter if you'd like to. Links on this blog have been updated where appropriate now.

Not Being Social