Apple's Silicone Cases

I've always avoided the 'plastic' cases produced by Apple for their iOS devices; opting for the leather options that I, for whatever reason, presumed would look classier. After a couple of years of grubby hands and jeans pockets however the leather didn't look so great. Leather also absorbs oil and moisture — not a great combo when you're fondling it with your sweaty, chubby manhands for a large portion of your waking life.

This time around I've opted for the silicone cases — primarily to deal with the infamous camera bumps now present on both of my devices, but also because they're actually pretty awesome.

  • Firstly, they do their job impeccably and they are extremely rugged for their slim profile; my iPhone case survived an impact against a rock half way up Glenfinnan, Scotland with me landing right on top of it. My iPhone was completely unharmed and there are only minor dents in the case. I do not recommend trying this at home,
  • They feel really good. The texture is significantly more pleasant than previous polyurethane cases (and indeed the current Smart Cover), not that they were unpleasant but these feel better. The texture is comparable to the Apple Watch Sports Band, if you've worn/fondled one. The rigidity of the aluminium device body and the textures of the glass and silicone together are also strangely satisfying (maybe that's just me),
  • They really are precision engineered; the tiny speaker and microphone holes line up perfectly,
  • The colours are beautiful. They almost have that luminescent quality of highlighter ink. The vibrancy really is remarkable,
  • They're also pretty mark resistant, though the corners of the iPhone case have polished somewhat in my pocket. It's not really noticeable unless you're really looking for it.

I'm actually a big fan of using my iOS devices naked. That is, the device is undressed; I'm unconcerned about my own state of dress with regards specifically and directly to iOS use. However I've found that wielding the 6s Plus in its bare state in some situations makes me anxious about losing my grip on it. The case totally remedies this — they're grippy but not so much as to stick to the inside of your pocket. I'm a large gent with ample pocket space however - so those with tighter pockets may not share my experience.

A benefit of the iPad case is that this version is coverless. I don't like holding the iPad with a cover folded behind it — in fact I find it deeply uncomfortable after a little while. Now my cover detaches independently when I want it to. I have also worried about the prominent camera of the 9.7" iPad Pro scratching surfaces (and I often place it on top of my MacBook). This is also solved (of course most cases will do this).


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