Apple Music software updates and you.

Apple Music launches in a few hours and just ahead of it comes updates to iOS, OSX and the Apple Watch. You should as always back up these devices before updating, but there are a couple of things that you should be aware of that you might not know.

  • OS X doesn't have any particularly odd requirements but having multiple backups is always a good idea. I use Time Machine to back up to a Time Capsule on my local network but also backup to a Backblaze account as a last line solution. There are other options, including HDD cloning software.
  • Your Apple Watch can be forced to backup to your iPhone by un-pairing it and re-pairing it. This is predominantly just preferences and app settings, and can take a little while to complete. You may not feel it's necessary given the ease of setting up the device as new if worst comes to worst. Your Watch doesn't store a great deal of stuff and relies on it's paired iPhone for data.
  • Your iPhone can be set up to backup to iCloud and you can trigger an immediate wi-fi backup at any time that you're connected. However, and this may be important to you, your health data is not included. If you want to backup the data you have stored in the health app you need to connect your iPhone to iTunes, ensure backup encryption is enabled and do a local backup to your Mac or PC. It will be pretty quick, but a full 128Gb iPhone can still take a few minutes.
  • Your iPad doesn't store any health data, so an iCloud backup is probably sufficient. You could do a local iTunes backup anyway, of course.

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