A long time ago, on a sofa not far away…

One of my regular roleplaying groups has broken down recently. Timing and schedules became a problem, games were missed, interest waned, interruptions and distractions got the better of the players. This kind of thing happens, and usually by the time that things come to an actual stop everyone is more than ready for the pretence that there's still a cohesive game to come to an end. It was true this time around.

So I have an evening free that hasn't been free for the last couple of years, and a bit of a problem. Some of the players are interested in picking up the remaining group and starting over. We were playing a recent edition of the Star Wars RPG from Fantasy Flight Games which may actually be my favourite tabletop RPG of all time. It's a tempting idea. On the other hand I have so little free time on week days that reclaiming one evening a week could be beneficial to other things I want to get done.

The game is hosted in my living room, and for this and a few other reasons it is very unlikely that any replacement game is going to get started without my participation. So I may also be letting down my friends who are eagre to get up and running again if I decline to participate. There's also the concern that some of the prior group, who would not recieve an invitation to the new game, would feel slighted by their exclusion. So I am hesitating on making a decision because I can't determine where my priorities lie.

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Dealing with change.