Twelve South BookArc for iPad

This is the BookArc for iPad from Twelve South. I've needed an iPad stand pretty much since I switched my iPad 3 for the original iPad mini. I now have the iPad mini 2 (the first model to have a retina display) and finally got around to picking up a stand.


I already have a BookArc for my MacBook, so I had expectations. I love the minimal design, and Twelve South really deliver. Even the packaging is of excellent quality. The boxes are so durable that the one my original BookArc came in has served as an RPG dice box for a couple of years. The packaging on the iPad model is equally sturdy and beautifully presented.

There's little of excess inside the box, the BookArc itself, a thank you note, and oddly (though if you're a Mac user you're used to it) a leaf of inexplicable branded stickers.

The BookArc is a solid piece of machined steel with rubber feet and a rubber inlay to hold your iPad. It comes with a second inlay suitably sized for an iPad Air. The inlay is shaped to hold the iPad in landscape or portrait with a semicircular access gap for either the home button on the centre-bottom of the screen.

The unit is heavy, and holds the iPad pretty securely. You could push it over if you were careless, particularly in portrait orientation, but it's stood up to some pretty vigourous jabbing so far.

I expected to be impressed, and I have not been disappointed.


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