Charging Spaghetti

I'm going to go out on a limb and presume that most of you, like me, have a couple of charging cables next to your bed. If you don't have two you almost certainly have one for your smartphone. The sacrifice we made for the internet and six hundred thousand games in our pockets was week-long battery life. Overnight charging is no big deal, though, right? I mean, that phone is probably waking you up in the morning too — so long radio alarm clock. It was good while it lasted.

My iPad and my iPhone both charge on my bedside table. It's just a cheap, chunky end-table I picked up from a local furniture outlet. My iPad doesn't get charged every night, but it lives there overnight anyway, and my iPhone is connected religiously to ensure I'm ready for the coming day. Now I'm almost certainly resolved to adding a new Apple device to my collection, the much discussed and fervently hyped Apple Watch. This is another nightly charger, a third cable to my already crowded little table. Perhaps compounding the potential for messy tangles is that none of these cables are attached to docks; they're just loosely making the floor look (more) untidy when they are not in use.

So I think I need to do something here. This is a problem that deserves to be solved. Im not sure if I should consider using stands so that my devices are neatly held and their cables hidden away or if I should consider doing some of this charging elsewhere so there are fewer gadgets on my table. Charging has become part of that getting ready for bed ritual though, and moving part of that process to another room seems unneccesary and likely to be abandoned in exchange for convenience and expedience.I think I'll have to investigate what stands and docks are available.

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