Nerd Shelves

It might not sound very exciting but I have a Nerd Shelves. Really it's a book case. A sturdy, office book case that I acquired following the closure of a small local business. It's short, and broad, and deep; perfect for harbouring more than a collection of paperbacks. These are working shelves, designed for box files and binders.

I've had a storage issue ever since I decided that I was going to eschew desk drawers (they are universally inadequate and I love having a large, uninterrupted table to work on). This doesn't mean that the desk's previous occupants were homeless, only that this home was an inconvenient home of convenience. They went where there was space and lived disorganised lives dumped anywhere they would fit. We're talking about things like tax documents, wage slips, important things that you need to keep but never need. There are technological items and accessories: cables and suchlike that often ended up discarded on the desk surface. They need to be available but not that available.

On these shelves are three rectangular wicker baskets that hold 'stuff'. Stuff needs to be out of the way but easy to get to. A handful of box files for those necessary–unnecessary documents I mentioned. The books for my current favourite RPG (Fantasy Flight Games' newish Star Wars Licence). There's a new home for the Wi-Fi relay too, that now lives with my Transporter Sync unit (which I still love, by the way). I've added just one object of furniture and it has pulled together almost all of the previously unhomed or awkwardly stored objects that I own. I was lucky and stumbled upon the right thing to provide an elegant solution. There are other parts of my life that still need a nerd shelves and removing things that are unneccesary or unsuitable in order to replace them with something more ideal is the approach I need to apply more often.

Trying to embrace a more minimalist lifestyle isn't about less for the sake of less, it's about the least required to do a job well. Sometimes this means more, sometimes it means giving up attachments, somestimes it means jumping on the free bookcase and moving your router.

That New MacBook.

Simple, apparently.