I've pretty much committed to permanently deleting my Facebook account. At the same time I've taken the opportunity to close the few other barely or unused social apps and such things as I have accrued over the last few years. I plan on maintaining my Twitter account and I'll hang on to Whatsapp for the time being as it's more-or-less the de-facto iMessage equivalent for Windows and Android phone users. As many of the people I text are not UK residents it's still good to have that alternative.

I've begun to get in touch with people and make sure they have alternative contact details. Not everyone is getting my primary e-mail address or phone number but I have an e-mail alias set up that I can easily delete if there were to be any problems. So now I just have to get through the list of friends and followers to make sure that I've provided each that I care sufficiently about opportunity to stay in touch. I don't expect a 100% hit rate.

So this weekend or early next week is likely to be Deletion Day. I'm not going to be too strict about it, as Facebook really isn't something I want to pressure myself over. Just consider that if you're a Facebook friend and you aren't sure that you have another method of contact then you should get in touch pretty promptly.

Simple, apparently.

It's not me, Facebook; it's you.