Same dog; similar tricks

It's been on the cards for a little while that I need to update my professional skills. I've been working for more than half a decade in a phenomenally obscure proprietary language on a very obscure legacy-centric platform and this isn't terribly appealing to anyone other than my current employer. I've know this for a while, some of my friends have been saying as much for nearly as long. It's a little difficult to know where to start and with what. To a degree I appreciate that it doesn't matter, language skills are very transferable and logic and mathematics are a constant. To a large degree I'm just learning another way of doing what it is I do on a daily basis. There are still meaningful differences though, and it seems most sensible to pick a new and popular language as a solid base for future development. If only I could decide on what.

My MacBook has been in the Apple Store for TLC this week (I will be collecting it tomorrow), and so I haven't really been able to apply my newfound impetus. This weekend is looking to be a good opportunity to do a little investigation and weigh up some options. I'm sure I know enough people with a strong opinion that I won't be starved for suggestions. It still feels like a weirdly huge deal, though.

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