Nope, I'm not going to talk about beardiness again; Stache is an app.

Stache is an OS X and iOS visual bookmark database. It's exceptionally simple, and there are very few features. You send it a bookmark, either copying and pasting into the app or by using a browser extension and it keeps that link along with a thumbnail image. What's really neat however is that the page content is fully searchable, so when you can't remember the title of an article you can find it by it's body text. It also supports some additional user-specified metadata such as descriptions (which it will attempt to populate automatically) and tagging.

While it's pretty useful, beautiful, and simple I think this app will really shine once the developers are able to incorporate iOS extensions in iOS 8 — not only allowing for bookmarks to be more expeditiously collected but also enabling access to your fully-searchable bookmark library from within mobile Safari itself. This would be a significant improvement on existing browser history searching, and also expands upon browser bookmark functionality (where most of us would bookmark the front page of a web site for repeat visits and not individual articles).

I will be paying close attention to how this one develops in the later half of this year.

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