Don't be a big gay cynic.

It's easy to be a cynic when large corporations use events like Pride to advertise their products. Of course they're doing it to make money, in essence to capitalise on the struggle for equality. The thing is that, in a way, this is probably amongst the best indicators of acceptance in the capitalist world. You have to consider that we've finally hit a turning point where companies feel that participating, that standing behind the LGBT community, is better for their image and their profits than to ignore or exclude us.

It may seem a little backhanded to say that our pursuit of equal rights is finally profitable, but it's important. Being a positive symbol in marketing is not a matter of the marketing machine driving us forwards. Marketing in these kinds of circumstances is a cultural laggard, it waits for something to become popular before capitalising on the swell of good will and moral progress. When you see fast food draped in Pride colours it is only telling you that society has already decided that this is a good and right thing, and while there still may be a way to go yet, we're demonstrably headed in the right direction.

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