I bought a new hat.

This may seem unremarkable, but I have owned hats before and never felt entirely comfortable wearing them. It came about because of a conversation I had with a couple of friends, which lead to me showing them, under duress, a novelty christmas gift I had received a few years ago. Consensus was that this gift, an 'amusingly' appointed bobble hat of sentimental value, looked in fact ridiculous but did suggest that a less silly hat of the beanie variety may actually suit me.

How a hat makes you feel is what a hat is all about.
— Philip Treacy

Thus began a short but surprisingly busy period of discovery and consultation; I think my level of single mindedness when I decide that I want something is pretty well documented. There were four geographically separated individuals scouring the internet for potential headwear at one point, and numerous links being exchanged and evaluated. With some of my friends "Oh, that one's nice" is actually high praise indeed. It had to be simple, understated with no vulgar artwork or unsightly branding. What I did not realise was just how varied and broad the beanie world really was; this was a pandoras box of sizes, styles, materials and merchandising that I would never have expected. It turns out that wooly hats are serious business.

So what could have been a matter of simply looking for the most inexpensive item actually became an amusing pursuit, that was entertaining for a little while and resulted in a purchase that I'm actually really happy with. It may be trivial, but it already has a little bit of history to it and is already a little bit more personal than it might have otherwise been. Obviously there's a limited level of time and excitement one might healthily invest in a hat, but investing those few minutes was well worth it. Thanks, guys, for all the positive comments when I got to show it off!

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