It's dead, Tim.

The media's treatment of technology companies, often typified by reporting on Apple but not exclusively so, exploits your sense of loyalty and profits by doing you a significant disservice. Do you believe that a company that doesn't do what the media have predicted, in spite of record successes, is really on the precipice of darkness? Do we trust Wall Street to run our businesses? I suspect that, despite your views on the Android–Apple brouhaha, you know immediately that it's all hyperbole. Whoever wrote that headline is tapping into our loyalties (ephemeral as they may be); either to massage your sense of outrage or your sense of schadenfreude. All they are really interested in is inflaming your sensibilities enough to get you to click on that headline and generate revenue through ad impressions. We should feel sullied by this kind of reporting, and consider depriving such publications of that which they desire most: our attention.