A Week

I have a week to myself. Not wholly to myself, and I'm staying at home, but the daytime that would usually be filled with people, demands and deadlines will instead be filled with, well, whatever I feel like wasting my time on. This coincides nicely with the release of a computer game I'm really looking forward to — I expect the manner in which I will spend the majority of my time will be no surprise to anyone.


It has a sound, a fullness.
It’s heavy with sigh of tree,
and space between breaths.
It’s ripe with pause between birdsong
and crash of surf.
It’s golden they say.
But no one tells us it’s addictive.
— Angela Long

I can't let the entire week fly by un-utilised however; especially a week that affords the solitude and opportunity to work on some of the things I want to achieve but often neglect. Some of this time is going to be spent rationalising some of the stuff that has accumulated in our home. Some of these jobs have been waiting for an exceptionally long time, and while they are trivial and dull they're honestly necessary. Things accumulate, and we're overdue a separation of the good from the cruft. While we are lucky to be able to entertain the notion of 'too much stuff', stuff wears out, gets old or gets replaced by better. We shouldn't be in a position where we have to wrestle with the kitchen — it should be a place that facilitates the activities within it. We've lost sight of some of that convenience.

Now I just have to avoid traumatising my partner in the process.

The Laptop as a Desktop

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