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 iPhone 5C

iPhone 5C

I'm sure everyone knows the details by now, but I have a few thoughts.

The 5C was not quite what I (and seemingly many others) were expecting. Clearly the margin's on the 5 were sufficiently tight that production costs had to be reduced before Apple could drop it in the 'middle-iPhone' spot. Where I was expecting 5S, 5 and 5C being the line up in order to eliminate both 30 pin connectors and sub-4-inch screens from the line up, the 5C is actually replacing the iPhone 5 altogether and the 4S is retained for the budget slot. Apple made the most of the plastic body for what it's worth, but I'm not a big fan of the brightly coloured plastic look myself.

The 5S looks almost identical to the iPhone 5 bar the metal ring for the fingerprint sensor. I actually think the change that this has brought to the home button looks gorgeous, but otherwise there is no aesthetic difference. I think the fingerprint unlock idea is absolutely awesome given I currently type in my lock code dozens of times a day, but it's not really an upgrade-worthy feature. Moving to a 64 bit processor will be great for games that are built for it, but I doubt that for most applications there'll be a great improvement (and of course apps will need to be updated to take advantage).

The camera is the big deal on the 5S - both the quality of the sensor and flash are improved so photos should be less affected by sub-optimal lighting conditions. There's a lot more software correction, 720p slow-motion video and burst mode. The only truly 'new' thing is the light-compensating flash but the whole package of features makes for a very compelling upgrade. I'll be hoping that the reviews reflect the hype on this front.

This is an 'S' year, so I wasn't expecting a great deal of new 'stuff', and got a little more than I expected.

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