Minimal Web

Following on from my post a few days ago regarding prioritising the readability of my blog I came across this post on mnmlist.

A minimalist website. Perfect for the readers, which is perfect for the writer. Not so perfect for advertisers and marketers, perhaps, but we’re not creating sites for them. We’re creating sites for us.

This really highlights the theory that I'm trying to embrace. Presentation and a distraction free page are more conducive to a pleasant read than all the messy 'features' that a blog can utilise for purposes other than just reading. Those features absolutely serve a purpose, and there are compelling reasons to embrace them, but I don't feel that they are right for me.

When you create an amazing reading experience for the reader, he or she will appreciate it. The reader will love your great content (I hope), and then decide whether to bookmark it, email it, share it, subscribe, whatever. But without the reading experience, all the rest isn’t happening.

Advertising for some degree of income is simply not something I could support in terms of numbers, but it's also something that I wouldn't want to do. It is intrusive, often quite ugly and almost always unappreciated. Google and similar companies aren't the biggest advertiser on the average blog anyway; in my experience most blogs put far more effort into advertising themselves. Readership is a very powerful motivator, and would be my only motivator as I am under no pressure to profit from my writing here.

I've decided to eschew this form of self promotion in favour of trying to provide what would impress me, were I you. The consessions I have made are to social links - if you want to, the page provides you a means of contact.

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