The Art of Shameless Self Promotion

It's a task we all do a few times in our lives; applying for jobs is a great example of when we literally produce marketing material for ourselves. It's not restricted to this kind of limited event though - we popularise ourselves on social media, where we edit or promote only those aspects of ourselves that we wish to be seen by our audience.

I always feel that I'm terrible at this. Everyone experiences difficulty promoting themselves; we see modesty as a virtue, and don't wish to feel or be seen as overly proud or boastful even when we've earned that right, yet we still need appreciation and attention. Sometimes I find I have difficulty thinking of anything at all to say (about any other subject this has never been a problem I've suffered from). I have difficulty gauging what ought to be useful, interesting or relevant information. Even when I know what to say, the words to say it with are hard to find. I doubt I'm particularly unusual in this.

The latest literature of self aggrandisement I have had to wrestle with is the Author page on this blog, which you likely haven't noticed was missing from the menu at the top of the page for a little while. I actually did research for this; that is I crept around the blogs of writer's that I like and stole their ideas, substituting the words about them for words about me. I'm not entirely certain what I should aim to achieve, but if I ever want to use this blog as evidence of some degree of competence then having a clear and present identity will be important. There is even a photo, so apologies for any offence caused there.

In a related note, it's now possible to contact me by email, which has been added to the social buttons in the top left corner of the page. Feel free to get in touch.

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