Packed Pockets

I mentioned previously that my search for a new wallet has been a long and arduous trial. It's more than just an item for storing money and plastic, a wallet is part of the essential things that you carry on your person virtually all the time. A wallet is part of your pocket.

The things I carry in my pockets every day:

  • Car key
  • House keys
  • A Fisher Space Pen
  • A comb
  • My company access/ID card and lanyard
  • A set of Apple EarPods
  • My wallet, containing:
    • Six pieces of plastic of which I only use two
    • Assorted receipts and suchlike
    • A gentleman's prophylactic
    • Every so often, folding money
  • My iPhone

The EarPods and my company ID card live in a pocket in my jacket and never leave. This is simply so that I don't have to remember them, and will not forget them when I need them. I keep spare EarPods by my bed and a set at work; the two places they are most often useful and a set for travelling. Memory will never scupper my access to music and Podcasts again!

Two sets of keys, one of which (the car keys) is a little bulky. I carry the car keys out of a convenience which is less relevant now, and should probably leave that at home. The Space Pen is small and virtually indestructible, and becomes a full size pen for use. I always try to have a pen to hand and this one is perfect.

A comb is a necessity when you're a yeti. I am a yeti.

The big bulky thing that all the other pocket dwellers are crammed around is my wallet. It's pretty fat (not the worst I've encountered), very noticeable and mostly full of things that I don't care about. All I really want to carry is a couple of cards and the occasional bank note, securely housed in the least amount of material possible to do the job well. I don't need pockets, clear plastic windows and multiple note compartments - it's just useless bulk. While I can remove the unnecessary items from my existing wallet, the reduction in bulk would be negligible.

I've seen a handful of good candidates but more often than not the shipping cost to the UK is prohibitive.


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