Categories and tagging

Furthering the current batch of posts that concern the slightly odd life details that I tend to obsess about, and to delve into the blogging meta briefly, I've been pondering the use of tags and categories as an organisational and discovery tool.

Tags and categories are essentially the only method of old-post discovery I currently have enabled, but I'm questioning their worth. I suspect that tags and categories fulfil a need of the blogger, rather than the reader; after all, I read a few blogs and simply can't remember the last time I used either feature there. Tags and categories are a form of marketing: "Read more of my things!" I don't think this does anyone a service - simply adds more to the page for you to ignore when you land here to read.

Without tags and categories you'll have a couple of methods at your disposal if you feel the need to rifle through old posts here:

  1. Use the 'older' button and simply work your way backwards.
  2. Use the site restricted search functionality of your favourite search engine.

There are some old posts here that I'm pretty proud of, ones that have been publicised and received thousands of hits, others that simply held particular meaning or that I felt I'd written particularly well. There's one post that over the course of a year now has probably accounted for more than 80% of all my search engine referrals.

But when you're done reading this, the most important post of all is the next one.

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