Continued Break

There probably won't be another update here for the next week or so. I'm considering a bit of a change of direction, or maybe more accurately the inclusion of some direction in the stuff I write here. I originally intended to write more about tech news, but as the rumour mill and tribalism have gotten more and more silly I've had less and less appetite for involvement. There are also a few philosophical topics that I've lost sight of that I'd like to get back to. Writing only when I find something interesting is too easily derailed by my astonishing ability to keep myself totally distracted by the endless number of things I have to do; and so I need an approach that is structured and requires a little work and that I'm sufficiently engaged in to maintain interest.

I'm going to find a handful of subjects to dive into and attempt to implement an easy-going but regular posting schedule - likely just two or three posts a week. That doesn't discount the inclusion of other subject matter or more frequent posts - but it should allow me sufficient time to put together content of real interest (to me, your mileage may vary). I have some decisions to make before I can really get going, hence the continued break in activity.

Doing more with less.

Droplr for iPad