I'm not the only weirdo that thinks too much about this stuff. This I found while internet stalking (read: being nosey about) Jasper Tandy, a twitter acquaintance.

This might seem like stating the obvious, but if you’re trying to grow a beard: stop shaving. Don’t shave at all. Your face itches? Get over it. It doesn’t last for long.

He is perhaps a little more harsh with his choice of phrases than I was when I wrote a similar post a little while ago, but his message is largely the same.

There’s a sense of achievement in having a beard with the same status as head hair. You can take quiet pleasure in wringing it out when it’s wet and marvelling at the water that falls out. You can comb it like head hair (except I don’t comb my head hair). You can blowdry it (if the thought of this makes you inwardly derisive, I invite you to try it. There’s something immensely pleasurable about a toasty-warm beard). I’ve taken to carrying a folding comb in my keys pocket to run through it. For no reason, except that it’s a fun thing to do when you’ve washed your hands after using the bathroom. It’s the little things.

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