Amanda Palmer: The Art of Asking

Amanda makes a pretty bold point, and one that runs contrary to the nature of the established entertainment industry. Large corporations cannot divest control of their income to the good will of their customers and the fans of their artists; in a world where the pursuit of ever greater profits and ever more ambitious targets and forecasts is the very foundation of success little can be left to uncontrolled external influences. The large media companies as we know them are unlikely to embrace asking instead of charging as a business model.

This kind of trust based production also seems unlikely to generate the vast wealth enjoyed by some celebrities. There has to be a balancing act between asking for what you need and betraying the trust of your community.

A lot of criticism has been levelled at Amanda Palmer since her Kickstarter was successful. A lot of indignant rage at the idea that someone who is famous and/or is perceived to have wealth should not ask for the funds to finance a new project. It's so much resentment over so much ignorance, and so much arrogance in the belief that one might dictate the propriety of how each of uses chooses to share what we have. That one persons choice to is somehow less moral or fair than another's choice not to; that a prejudiced observer might understand the value of an exchange that they have presumptuously dismissed.


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