Free Time

I don't really believe in free time. It's one of those things that exists conceptually but can't actually occur — much like tomorrow; the day that never arrives. Broadly speaking free time is something in the future, but in the present our time is never free. Our time is spent, it is wasted, it is utilised, or any number of other concepts but our time in the present is never really described as 'free'. We fill it with something; even if that something is not productive. Our time is too often up, too often over and our time is frequently gone.

Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.
— William Penn

The implication of this is that those things we intend to do 'when we have time' meaning 'when we have free time' most often have little chance of resolution. That is until we make the choice that they have become a sufficient priority to take care of immediately. Many things will never feel that important. Those tasks that passively await their moment are eventually just written off or forgotten and only those things on which we experience some kind of pressure tend to get done. There are as many pressures from the trivial to the apocalyptic but not every potential action is driven by one.

If there's something to learn from this it is that those things that don't pressure us but would still enrich us require us to consciously choose to make them happen. We have to choose to apply the pressure of self-motivation and this can at times be extremely difficult.

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