Fisher-Price Tool

Nobody changes an interface without causing a ruckus. Someone referred to iOS 7 recently as the "Fisher-Price" version: simple, brightly coloured. I remember this exact description the week that Windows XP was launched, albeit from a different friend. Windows XP became probably the most trusted and relied upon Windows release to this very day.

We seem to have been conditioned to assume that function trumps form at all costs; that any concept of mutual dependency is impossible and all consideration of aesthetics must be in pursuit of making software (or a device) more accessible to the stupid. Presumably this is bad because stupid people are for some reason undeserving of great tools.

How dare they?

The notion that good design has its own value, that it might be worth paying for, literally angers some of the people I call friends. It seems that if it isn't ugly then it can't really be awesome. If it isn't ugly they it can't be powerful. If it isn't ugly then it is only pretty. If it isn't ugly then useless beauty must have displaced all worth.

You’re only paying for the design.

You damned well bet your socks I'm paying for the design. Its what makes the thing I have a fundamentally better tool. That seems to make some people so vehemently resentful but at the end of the day I'm really happy with my choices (if a little irritated at being unfairly belittled).

... if you are easily offended.

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