Of all the things to spend time thinking about the humble coffee mug is probably low on the agenda of most rational human beings. Most mugs adequately serve their purpose — there's no real trick to it, no genius design philosophy. But as a near-permanent piece of desk furniture, particularly on a desk that is quite minimal otherwise, perhaps it is an opportunity to indulge a little practical expression.

This world is but a canvas to our imagination.
— Henry David Thoreau

So I've given myself a mission to find my ideal coffee mug. As something that spends a great deal of time interacting closely with my face it really ought to be something that I love. Anything we use so constantly should be enjoyed. It's a surprisingly broad field of artistry too; mugs come in a range of expression from the painted to the sculpted. There really is a lot out there — often taken far more seriously than you might expect.

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