Gaming Slump

I'm not really playing any computer games at the moment. This happens from time to time. There are plenty of excellent computer games available to me across numerous platforms, but I just can't seem to muster the enthusiasm to engage for any significant period of time. These slumps are getting more frequent and lasting for longer. I've probably been playing computer games of one kind or another for twenty five years, and I've seen and played just about every different style and genre that mankind has created thus far. It could, reasonably, be fatigue. I'm not sure.

Every so often a game arrives and captures my attention and I don't surface for days; they are few and far between. Perhaps it's just a sign of shifting tastes and sensibilities? I am somewhat recognised for my short attention span but the general gaming ennui isn't really the same as getting bored of a game because I've played it for a while.

Gaming has been such a consistent feature of my free time that I really notice when it's missing.

Location, location, location.

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