The Puzzle of Bookcases.

Typing this out actually seems kinda dumb on some level. Like it should be a matter of such obviousness that asking the question is foolish. The more I think about it though, the more it feels like a dark and arcane art:

What is the best way to fill a bookcase?

I guarantee you that the answer really isn't just 'put books on it'. Presuming you have a significant number of books, and a finite space in which to store them, where is the balance? We simply own more books than it is physically possible to display in our home; so there has to be prioritisation. Still, the instinct is to simply fill each available shelf, from side to side, in as many books as can reasonably be expected to fit, and repeat this process until the shelves are a resplendent wall of spines like our own personal library.

Part of me kinda likes that idea.

But there are books here that I care about. Some books that I want to be noticed by anyone who cares to even glance at the shelves and not lost amidst the tomes. There are other books that I want to have easy access to, out of love or convenience. There are some things that I'd like to have resident on those shelves that are not books at all, but have a place amongst the fiction and the geekiness. Each room has bookcases, each room has books that are meaningful to that specific setting.

Suddenly those shelves that obviously should just be filled with books are much more complex than is apparent at first glance; like a puzzle with no rules.

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