Be Happy; Do Less

Getting more out of life does not mean travelling the world or skydiving on a whim. If all your dreams are so grand then you ought to take another look at the small stuff. There are things we all want to do and experience that make life better. Some of them are very simple, very every-day. Getting more out of life might well involve finding a way to make more of the big things happen. Getting the most out of life is all about the details.

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.
— Confucius

There are changes we can make to promote our own happiness on a far less lofty scale; looking after our health, doing more of those things that make us smile like our hobbies and spending time with our families. We can pay more attention to the foods we eat, spend more time reading, make time for that computer game. The trick is in being selective. There are things we have to do and most often these aren't the things that make us smile; the remaining time is our own to make the most of. Time is one of the keys here and using our time for the things we really enjoy means not doing a lot of the other stuff. To make more of the great things we have to do less of the just pleasant things because we're often stuck with the dull.

Do less.

Its also important to make sure that there's no unnecessary friction when you're trying to do the things that make you happy. You need to cultivate the right environment for reading, need the right equipment for cooking, or the right bicycle, or a set of great brushes, somewhere fun to take the kids. You need to engineer the right moment (there's that time thing again). If you've managed to prioritise the most important things, there are no nice or OK distractions to stop you from enjoying the things you love. Less procrastination, less indecision, more of the things you really want.

Does anger follow the laws of thermodynamics?