I am by nature not ostentatious. I've never been able to muster much enthusiasm for the nuances and transient trends of fashion. I don't have the patience or the will to spend a great deal of time keeping up with trends even within the countercultural communities with which I identify. In the past I have by and large opted for the least expensive items that I feel meet a minimum standard of quality, easily replaced and almost universally bland.

If I intend to change this approach, and maintain only the wardrobe I really need, with concessions to some surplus for emergencies, travel and the like, each of those items needs to be a much more meaningful decision. If I only own six shirts, they have to be of quality, but also they need to be shirts that I really enjoy wearing. I'm also still on a budget, but can balance this by replacing clothes as and when it becomes convenient or necessary. In short, I have to consider the aesthetic that I wish to portray and be far more selective.

This is pretty alien to me.

It's not that there are no styles that I particularly like, it's that I've never had to apply them to myself before. I feel like the unlucky in love romantic comedy character staring down the barrel of a make-over montage. I am teetering on the very edge of my comfort zone, and while realising that this is a silly and trivial part of the grand scheme I am not entirely certain what I'm doing.

Be Happy; Do Less

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