Tomorrow's Apple Event

There was a period of a few months where all my electronic gizmos of note had high-DPI or 'retina' screens. I am pretty much convinced that this is how all computer screens will look in a few years time, at least everything mid-range to high end (there's always a market for low-cost and functional). I gave up one of those screens for a more standard resolution when I swapped my iPad 3 for an iPad mini. My sister and I bought one for our father, and I immediately preferred it to the much larger and heavier ten inch tablet. A few months later I made the trade.

The only regret I have was giving up that retina screen, though the advantage of size and weight still outweigh it. So the one thing I am really looking forward to from tomorrows Apple event is the potential for a retina screen upgrade to the iPad mini.

Here's hoping.


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