Lighter Pockets

I've discussed my pockets recently; I tend to carry my life around in them. At least, all those items which I know will be required for life on a day to day basis. My keys, my wallet and so on. I also tend to carry my iPad to and from work every day. It fits in my jacket pocket, just. This isn't ideal though. In fact, I find myself less and less comfortable with using my pockets for much of anything at all. There will always be a couple of things I need in my pocket. My wallet, house key and iPhone spring to mind. I just replaced my wallet, and am really happy with the new one, and I have been carrying a Space Pen for a while. So my attention like the great Eye of Sauron turns to the other things I haul around with me.

The goal isn't necessarily less, but it's a major consideration. I don't want to carry about any more than I really have to. I could leave some things at home of course but I also don't want to deprive myself of anything that is regularly useful. Therefore the goal is really about making sure everything I carry is the most suitable for it's purpose. That purpose is equal parts it's primary function, and equal parts comfortable portability.

There are two particular items I'm thinking about now: my pocket comb and my house keys. My comb is just a cheap, ugly plastic comb, and I'm pretty sure I can find a far more suitable replacement. It is a necessity for anyone who, like me, is half Yeti. There are problems with carrying a regular comb around in a pocket: it'll snag the weave of your pocket lining, damaging the lining and the comb. It'll trap stray hairs that you'll end up finding tangled in your keys or some other irritating place. It's an ugly and inelegant solution. I'm pretty sure that finding the right replacement comb is going to be a relatively easy task; cursory searches suggest that there's a lot of choice and, unlike with wallets, it's not an object dominated by the race to provide more features (or pockets, as the case was). I guess the comb's simplicity is pretty universal.

Keys are a bit of a different issue. The best solution may be to stop carrying them in my pocket at all - though my chunky metal key-fob may leave some room for improvement. I only actually require a single, small key so I'm going to have to give this some thought. There's still a few other items I want to take with me: my iPad, a set of Ear Pods, my corporate ID and I'd like to start carrying a notepad with me again for when it's not ideal to thumb at my phone. I'm starting to consider carrying a bag; something I haven't done since I had to transport my own weight in textbooks to and from college.


Bellroy Card Sleeve Wallet