Good Values

It's very easy to ascribe values to a community to which you belong. It's also true that between communities there are differences and subtleties to those values that are often unique. However as a species we exhibit common needs, and upon only cursory appraisal we also carry a set of universal values. It's easy to see the differences in how those values are expressed and mistake them for opposing intent. On the whole though, mothers and fathers want the same from their families, societies seek prosperity without exploitation, we all hope to leave the world a better place for the next generation than the one we inherited.

All communities tend towards order, all communities codify conduct and act against injustice. We're just not always successful in standing up to our intentions. We're vulnerable to subversive influence. We are capable of flagrant contradictions of those consensus community tenets to which we aspire. I could say that obedience to the law is a Christian value and I would be correct. It's also an Atheist value, a Humanist value, a Muslim value, a modern value, a family value and a Liberal value. Realising that we do not hold the monopoly on what is good and proper is to realise that by and large we are all trying to find the same thing: the best life we can.

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