Earned Respect

To earn respect, to me, is a counterintuitive notion. It is contrary to the nature of respect. To respect is to show consideration, to display honour to another, to afford them the standard treatment to which you would hold any human being. Respect is selfless, it is simple, it is easily afforded. Respect is blind to faith and colour. It is blind to morality. It is shared between friends and enemies.

Respect is what we owe; love, what we give.
— Philip James Bailey

To show respect is in reality utterly personal. When you are respectful, or not, it is all about you. To show respect is only a reflection of your quality; not of the recipient's. We respect even those people we dislike the most because it validates ourselves. It proves that we are fundamentally good in spite of adversity.

Nobody earns your respect. It is a debt you owe to yourself.

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