The Cup Is Already Broken

Every morning I drink from my favorite teacup. I hold it in my hands and feel the warmth of the cup from the hot liquid it contains. I breathe in the aroma of my tea and enjoy my mornings in this way. But in my mind the teacup is already broken.
— Buddha via Patrick Rhone at Minimal Mac

This isn't even a matter of philosophy, but a fairly basic mathematical premise relating to probability. It's a premise that on the whole has little direct baring on our utilisation or the meaning of the probability of an event; but one that is necessary for our understanding of likelihood.

Put simply: No matter how remote the chance of an event, it is inevitable given sufficient opportunity.

Most occurrences have a finite window of opportunity in which to happen, and there absolute chance of happening can be calculated. However, the failure of a hard drive in your computer can happen at any time, the more you use that computer the closer you come to certainty.

Forethought can turn that certainly into an inconvenience rather than a disaster.

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