Moving Rooms

Currently top of my reasons to feel like an adult is buying a new coffee table. It's fairly trivial on the face of it, I know, but there aren't so many pieces of furniture around the place that I bought new, certainly very few that were valued north of £100 at the time of purchase.

I just came into ownership of a new sofa and arm chairs, and they are awesome but huge. Franky, enormous. The old table that we used in place of a coffee table now simply does not fit (it was always too large and somewhat inappropriate) and so had to be replaced. We also had to switch the study and living rooms around - which is a major change to the day to day use of those two rooms.

This year I will be focusing more on writing, and intend to get some more long form articles published here on the blog. I'd like to get my post count up in general too, and my goal is to try and maintain a minimum of a couple of posts a week, though I'm not too worried about staying totally consistent.

While outwardly boring, the upheaval and major change in the first week of the new year really feels like a new beginning, so here's to 2013, and whatever it may bring.

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