The New iPhone


I can't let a major product launch go by without making at least some comment! So the iPhone 5 cat is out of the bag, well... as it turns out the iPhone 5 was mostly out of the bag about a month ago, as most of the more reputable rumours were confirmed. This is a little bit disappointing and no doubt has lead to a few rows in Cupertino. I doubt we'll get this much information so early next time around as Apple are undoubtedly going to make a point of plugging their leaks.

I can sum up my opinions pretty quickly. I feel that most of the iPhone 5's progress has been made in terms of software rather than hardware. It's less of a big deal than I would have liked though I'm not sure what they really need to add to the iPhone at this point. In hardware terms there are three improvements of significance:

  1. A taller, more-or-less widescreen display with better colour and a thinner design. It's physical shape has significantly changed.
  2. The hardware is superior. It's had it's processor upgraded.
  3. The camera has been improved, low light mode, funky lens and suchlike.

All of the other features, and some of them are really cool, are actually part of iOS 6 - which will be available on the iPhone 4 and 4S etc. Those that suggest that it's almost a "4SS" - I can understand that train of thought. The big differentiator over earlier models is going to be the screen. I don't see the iPhone 5 as significant enough an upgrade to force my hand, I've only had the 4S a little while (and I actually prefer the design of the 4S). I would totally go get myself a 5 if I was at the end of my contract.

My one gripe is the back plate. It feels like an odd decision to me to build it from two materials. I understand why those two windows are there, and I love the idea of the aluminium backplate - but it looks wrong to me. I would have been happier with an all-glass back panel until they figure out how to go all-aluminium. It's not a huge deal.

So for those who get themselves an iPhone 5 it's going to be a great phone. It's not really tugging at me to upgrade though.

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