Theatre is Evil - a brief review.

 Theatre is Evil

Theatre is Evil

I downloaded the album, finally, last night as the Kickstarter edition e-mails started to arrive. Somehow, possibly acknowledging (for once) that it was already very late and I needed sleep, I managed to resist listening until I got to work this morning.

This album is incredible, it's pretty loud and quite unapologetic. While some tracks are reminiscent of the sound of previous albums, this one feels somewhat more vibrant (if that's possible). The excitement and drive of the Kickstarter campaign and the following recording, performing and artistic story are definitely noticeable. There's an honesty to the performance, there are imperfections and a scream is really a scream.

You can certainly see how fulfilling a life from the cost and size of the stone
Of our final resting home
We got some nice ones right under a cherry tree
You and me lying the only way we know
Side by side and still and cold
— The Bed Song

I tend to focus a lot on song lyrics, and there's a lot of meaning and heartfelt sentiment in these ones. While you're unlikely to encounter some melodious epiphany, and some of the lyrics reflect cliches we're all familiar with, you will find it hard not to resist the solemn loneliness of The Bed Song (after which I had to stop listening for ten minutes), or the defiant personal acceptance of Lost. You'll also find these songs begging you to sing along: something nobody needs to catch me in the act of.

No-one’s ever lost forever
They are caught inside your heart
If you garden them and water them
They make you what you are
— Lost

I was really excited about this album and it has not disappointed. Check it out, it's available on iTunes, alternative record stores and elsewhere. Go on!

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