IFTTT: Connecting your online services.

 If this, then that!

If this, then that!

Hopefully, one or two of you are reading this because IFTTT publicised this blog post on App.net for me, as Squarespace does not currently have built-in App.net support (who does? - well, IFTTT obviously). For those who haven't encountered it, IFTTT is a simple way of connecting your online services and social media accounts to automated actions (and therefore potentially to each other.

You set a trigger event. In this particular case the trigger is a new post appearing in this blog's RSS feed. When IFTTT notices the new post (it checks every fifteen minutes) it builds an App.net post according to the rules and standard text I define and submits it. Simple.

The list of services/sites, or 'channels' as IFTTT calls them, is pretty significant. Head over to their about page and take a look at how it works.

If my recipe for some reason didn't work... well... I probably feel a bit silly now.

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