A week without broadband.

So last night, the single and wholly essential ethernet port on the broadband modem died. Without it, there's no connection to the router, and therefore no internets. While we wait for a shiny new modem (this one is only a couple of months old) this little guy is our lifeline:


As luck would have it, this happened in the middle of a 50% off deal for MyFi units with my mobile carrier (which continues throughout next week if any of my UK readers are interested). We initially used the tethering option on my iPhone, which worked - but isn't the most convenient or cost effective option. Tethering has been great for getting my MacBook or iPad on the net while on the move, but connecting 5 or so devices around the house wasn't going to work long-term.

This thing was relatively inexpensive, can happily sit in the study and connect the whole place up, and at the end of the week, when we're connected again, can sit in a drawer until the next time it's needed thanks to being pre-paid.

I wonder if I'll still like it at the end of the week.

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