Humility of Self

Worthiness is one of the most common judgements we make of ourselves, our work and our relationships. Especially in relation to our aspirations, worthiness is a comparative judgement of skill, ability and personal integrity. It is an entirely personal, highly subjective yardstick with the uncommon property that the better we measure up against our own hopes and expectations the tougher that comparison becomes. Balancing the pride that comes with accomplishment is the humility that comes with the pursuit of our goals and, in those cases where we miss our expectations, the humility that comes with the internal recognition and acceptance of (often temporary) failure. While the satisfaction and pride that comes with achievement is the proverbial, emotional, carrot on the stick that pulls you towards success, humility is the push, the swift kick that keeps you moving forward. While it is most often our comparison against others that builds the frame of reference for our own self judgement, the tangible and demonstrable measure of quality; humility is in truth a sense of our present self against our ideal future. It is our way of reminding ourselves that we are capable of better if we want it enough and are willing to invest our resources in improvement.

Humility is the road between our reality and our dreams.

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In the pursuit of happiness.