Doing the "right thing".

Sometimes life cannot be distilled into correct and incorrect choices any more than we can shoehorn morality into absolutes of right and wrong. We all have to make decisions, all the time, every day. Almost all of those decisions have an immediate effect on those around us and those that depend on us in some way. The majority of these are trivial, but some of them are life-changing for you and your close family and friends. We tend to approach these kinds of decisions with analysis of which potential is the "right" one. Which is optimal and correct and ensures the very best possible outcome. We agonise over the details and scrutinise every contingency we can predict.

The truth though is that for the majority of us there are going to be a whole slew of generally positive and negative possibilities, it is complicated and the answer is almost never apparent until after the fact. The kicker is that we almost always know instinctively, with very little thought, which possibilities are the productive ones. Our intuition is powerful, and draws on our experiences without the need to engage our rational mind. We should trust it more and also trust that picking "right" is far less critical than picking "pretty good".

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